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The reason we so often sink into overwhelm, self-doubt and fear is not because we're unworthy of success... 

It's because we've been raised in a culture in which we are constantly absorbing the message that we're not enough, that there's not enough business to go around, or that we need to work ourselves into the ground in order to flourish - and sacrifice everything that's important to us in the process. 

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Being in business for yourself does NOT mean you have to...

Sacrifice your wellbeing or what matters most to you  

Choose between having an impact OR making money  

Sink into overwhelm because you're struggling to figure things out on your own  

You can make a real difference in the lives of others AND give yourself a raise. 

You can own your power, stay rooted in the truth of who you are, AND double your bottom line.  

In other words, you can be of service to others AND experience what it means to truly thrive.

If you're ready to...

  • Overcome the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back
  • Tap into your inner power and purpose and step up as a leader, because you understand on a core level that your work and your voice is needed in the world (now, more than ever)
  • Create a compelling vision for your business to guide all of your efforts from here on out
  • Map out a strategic plan of action that makes sense in our new normal and helps you reach your revenue goals
  • Engage your people and let them know that you're there for them by overhauling your messaging and communicating with compassion and care
  • Get into action surrounded by a supportive community of likeminded entrepreneurs who want to lift you higher 

I want you to know that it IS possible to run a business that works for you AND others.

And I want to show you how... 


Hi, I'm Nikki Groom - a business and brand strategist who has been helping entrepreneurs grow profitable and sustainable businesses since 2012


When I first took the plunge into entrepreneurship, it was easier for me to get distracted by how other people were building their businesses than tune into what I knew, deep down, was right for me. I had unhealthy boundaries, regularly sold myself short, and burned out more often than I'd care to admit. 

The shift came when I admitted I needed help. 

When I accepted that the people I had surrounded myself with were also the key to activating my fullest potential. When I realized I couldn't do things on my own, anymore... 

I went from stressed out, overwhelmed, and underpaid to earning more than I ever had.

Instead of selling myself short as a freelancer, I began pulling in five-figure months as a sought-after consultant and strategist. 

And I learned to stand fully in my power - without apology. 

I tell you this because, I know you sense that you're capable of so much more. And you're ready... to own your power and your purpose and take intentional action to create a meaningful life and business. 

So now it's your turn...

If you're ready to stop struggling on your own and invest in the professional support you need to take your business to the next level, join me for the Movement Makers Mastermind, a 6-month incubator for emerging business leaders guided by a vision bigger than themselves; who are determined to take action toward their dreams - not tomorrow, but today.

I created this mastermind to help you get out of your own way so you can:  

Deepen into the work that’s calling you forward. 

Step fully into the shoes of CEO.  

And build a business that works for your life.


6 months of unparalleled business support to help you amplify your income AND your impact 

In small groups designed for optimal personal coaching and support (no getting lost in a big group where you rarely have time to ask questions or share challenges), we'll meet weekly, learn monthly, and plan quarterly to help you move forward toward making your vision a reality. We'll focus on getting you out of your head and into action so you can conquer self-doubt and prove what you’re capable of as you show up for yourself, and others, in a bigger way. And we'll help you get laser focused on what’s most important, as you scale your business to the next level surrounded by people who only want to lift you higher. 

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Gain certainty around your next steps and create a strategic plan of action to help you move forward, faster

We'll create space to reset, regroup and rediscover our passion for our work during two 2-day virtual retreats and full online business immersions.

During our time together as a group, you'll come to a deeper understanding of the work you're called to do and create a strategic plan of action to help you step into your fullest potential as you grow your bottom line.  

($15,000 value)

Clear space to revisit what's most important and plan your next steps...

It can be easy to to get caught up in the day to day grind of running a business and forget to make time to work on your business. At the beginning of each quarter, we'll meet online to review your progress and set your intention for the coming weeks and months, including mapping out your projects and tasks for the next 90 days.  

($12,500 value)

Get unstuck and back on track

We'll kick off each week with a 60-minute group call via Zoom, during which you'll have an opportunity to celebrate your victories, ask your most pressing questions, and workshop any challenges that come up. Past participants have found these weekly sessions invaluable for getting them out of Procrastination Mode, inspiring them into action, and helping them make tangible progress towards their goals.

($10,200 value)

Advice, support and feedback from peers who understand what you're up against, and who can help you navigate forward

There's nothing better than sharing a challenge and discovering that someone in your close circle has experienced something similar and navigated their way through. In the Movement Makers Mastermind, we're big on drawing on the diverse experiences of each masterminder so that you can make the best decision for you. 

($5,000 value)

Because success shouldn't be enjoyed alone

A community for ongoing connection and support from other like-minded, impact-oriented entrepreneurs who are as ambitious as you are, so you can celebrate your wins, ask for feedback, and share resources, tools, and referrals

($1,000 value)

Running a business can be the steepest of learning curves, but it’s also an opportunity - for you to grow beyond the confines of what you thought was possible and unlock your fullest potential.

Plus these bonuses!


Expert help that won't steer you wrong  

Every month for 6 months, our talented guest experts will guide you through a live 60-minute video training and Q&A on Zoom to equip you with the skills you need to reach your goals, and the confidence to put them into action. Past participants have been thrilled with the value, personal attention and coaching delivered in these trainings.  


Help when you need it

Get accountability and support on the days between calls with our group chat on Voxer. Have a question or need guidance on something in real time? This extra level of support will help you workshop your challenges in no time. 


Education at your fingertips

Get access to a resource library stacked full of guest trainings from past masterminds, as well as recordings of each week's group coaching call, and other resources created to support your growth.  

It's time to bridge the gap between your current reality and your dream business.


You CAN build a business that makes you money and makes a difference. 


Wondering if the Movement Makers Mastermind is right for you?  

  • YOU’RE A GOOD FIT IF YOU… • Are willing to change what you're doing and be proactive in order to reach your goals • Want to use your experiences and your expertise in service of others • Are ready to prioritize building the momentum you need to succeed • Are not afraid to be vulnerable or willing to admit when you need help • Take responsibility for your own success 

In these uncertain times,

you have the power to make a difference.  

Here's what past participants were able to accomplish: 


Before joining the Movement Makers Mastermind, Kira was struggling with juggling two businesses, creating systems, and balancing life and family with work. 

During her time in the Movement Makers Mastermind, she managed to scale her copywriting micro-agency business and hit 6-figures "way earlier than expected". She on-boarded a project manager to offload all the things she no longer wanted to do, launched a new paid membership community, hosted her first mastermind retreat in San Diego, and overcame a lot of her self-limiting beliefs.  

"The Mastermind provided a safe, supportive place for me to open up, share my challenges, and receive guidance and support from fellow entrepreneurs who are dealing with similar challenges. 

The stability and accountability helped me overcome my biggest obstacles.  

Nikki also attracts my kind of people - people with lots of integrity, ambition, and passion for doing good in this world. 

If you've got a big goal (or multiple goals) you want to hit, this mastermind will provide the support, inspiration, motivation, and accountability you need to achieve it."


Brittany was struggling with a lack of focus and direction when it came to figuring out what the next level of her business should look like.  

During the mastermind, she not only laid out a new business model, but also created and launched a new group program and doubled her rates. 

With a clear sense of direction and a consolidated to-do list, she was able to start saying "no" to opportunities that didn't move her forward, and make more confident decisions to grow her business.  

"Working with Nikki gave me immediate results. The messaging we crafted together inspired several people to approach me after a speaking gig, and the revenue I generated from one of those sales tripled my investment with Nikki!

I went on to raise my rates by 50% after crafting my 5-year vision with Nikki. Our work gave me the confidence to know it was the right move for me. 

Nikki's ongoing support was so helpful, and the structure of the Mastermind helped me show up each week to work on the hardest parts of my business - the ones I was REALLY good at avoiding. 

Being a part of a supportive weekly mastermind helped me stay focused and make more progress than I would have ever made on my own."


Sarah is the CEO and Creative Director of an award-winning branding agency. Before joining the Movement Makers Mastermind, she was struggling because she didn't feel like she was doing a good job of conveying the value of her company's services.  

As a result of her time in the mastermind, Sarah was able to connect the dots between what she's passionate about, her business objectives, and the big-picture difference her company wants to make, which was "a huge mindset shift." She was able to clearly define her core messaging and values and has been talking confidently about what her company does - on stage, on social media, and elsewhere.  

Sarah also created a comprehensive business strategy map for the next 5 years and shared it with her team so they felt engaged in Sarah's plans for the agency's future. She also streamlined their internal processes and began proactively delegating tasks in order to better focus on areas of the business in which she knew she could provide the most value.  

"Keeping regular track of my commitments and goals has been a game changer. And I've learned so much from hearing about OTHER people's goals and challenges. 

I had huge breakthroughs in my business strategy and have sharpened and clarified my vision for the next 1, 3, and 5 years. 

Plus, I feel MUCH more excited and confident now about where we're headed!"  


Kathy was looking for ways to scale her business and told me she'd made back her investment for the entire mastermind after we mapped out a new business model for her early on.

But the REAL value for Kathy came a little further down the road, when she recognized that she’d been selling herself short as a virtual assistant, because the value she was delivering for her clients was far more than she had been giving herself credit for. 

She went on to rebrand herself as an online business manager in alignment with her full skillset.

"Being guided by Nikki will change your world, she is able to get to the heart of who you are and what you bring to the table and can support you in the exact way you need help - in ways you can't even begin to understand yourself."


Marisa was looking for a group of entrepreneurial women who were already taking it to the next level. She was aware she had a habit of “playing small” and wanted to be surrounded by people who would inspire and challenge her.

During the course of the Movement Makers Mastermind, Marisa made serious headway on her first book, launched her first signature program, and reimagined how she wanted to lead individuals and groups.

"I'm finally teaching the material that I'm MOST passionate about. This was the thing that I wouldn't let myself do in NINE years of entrepreneurship. 

The structure of the live group calls each week created the perfect environment to reflect on my process and progress. 

As a creative entrepreneur who often avoids systems, it was wonderful to learn from women building organizations and replicable formulas for success."

You're here because...  

  • You realized that you’re capable of so much more, and are ready to step into your fullest potential
  • You're finally ready to own your voice and your power, and are over comparing yourself to others
  • You want to reclaim control of where you spend your time so that you’re focused on the RIGHT things moving forward
  • You realize it's time to put your purpose and your message at the core of your small business growth strategy
  • You know that being seen and heard is what it’s going to take to make a bigger impact, and are ready to push outside your comfort zone
  • You want people around you who understand and who've been in your shoes, and are ready for a community of like-minded business owners who can support and uplift you when you need it most and help you map out your next steps 


But most of all, you’re ready for business to feel easier… 

Ready to escape the endless hustle. Ready to focus on what’s most important. And ready to scale your business to the next level surrounded by people who only want to lift you higher.  

Because while building a business can be challenging, it's also an opportunity— for you to grow beyond the confines of what you thought was possible. A way for you to conquer uncertainty as you show up for yourself and others in a bigger way. And a way for you to take FULL control of your future.


She is incredibly intuitive. Working with Nikki was nothing short of amazing from start to finish."

- Sarah Ancalmo


It was powerful to have Nikki reflect that back to me. I can now confidently express to the world who I am and what I do."

- Jodi McMurray

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You’ve spent enough time struggling…  

I created this mastermind to help you get out of your own way once and for all, so you can deepen into the work that’s calling you forward and finally earn the money you deserve. Get the accountability, inspiration, and support you need from an intimate cohort of rising leaders, as you work through any challenges in your path and embrace everything that you have to offer.  



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